IC2030 was created to tackle unemployment whilst promoting creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and suitable economic growth...

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This platform provide girls with specialized creative training to achieve their dream through technology.

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Global Youth Conference

The Platform to promote decent work and economic growth at all level.

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InnoCreativa Youth Hub (ICYH) is an initiative of Creative Youth Community Development Initiative developed to reduce high rate of unemployment whilst enhancing economic growth towards the fulfilment of Sustainable Development Goals in 2030. Read more

  • To explore creative and innovative capacities of young people through the development of knowledge, skill and attitude that are relevant to employability. These includes teambuilding, communication, leadership and responsiveness.
  • To develop talents, creativity and innovation, which involve identification of problem, accessing possible solutions, sticking to a chosen course of action that create values for economy growth

We focus on undergraduates and young graduates form any tertiary institutions in Nigeria.


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