The Vision of the Child (VoTC)provides an interactive challenge designed to stretch youthful imagination and skills across genres. One of the key elements of the VoTC is to hear voices of the youth & children and equip them to lead change. The Vision of the Child provides participating children the platform to express their understanding of the world they live in, their vision of what it should be, their dreams and fantasies through Painting and the Literary Arts – poetry, prose, or essay.

VoTC is a yearly programme, inaugurated April 2012. The projects have produced policy papers based on various theme that were showcased by participants.
(2012) -“The Vision of the Child”
(2013) -“The Thousand and One Faces Of Corruption”
(2014) – “The Rule of Law And The Law Of Impunity”
(2015) – “The Road to Sambisa” - United Nations Sustainable Goal 5 and Goal 4
(2016) - “Sisi-Eko@50:Ageing gracefully? Or Na So So Pancake”
(2017) - “Enhance the Heritage, Advance the Future –Project Development.
(2018) – “My Community Free from Drug Abuse”
One Hundred and Twenty-Three (173) paintings produced by finalists in the previous editions are expected to be mounted permanently in our InnoCreativa Centre for Development hall of fame by 2019.
Over 4000 children from primary and secondary schools, ages between 8 -12 years have benefited from VoTC since inception.

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