Youth Action Against Drug Abuse (YAADA)

The menace of Drug Abuse (addition) has been on the increase in Nigeria, the habit has crept into schools (primary, secondary and tertiary Institutions), market places, National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), professionals working in different fields and on construction sites. Majority of the drug users have little or no information on the grave consequences of their actions. The vulnerable are children and youth, their addition has led to gang formation (popularly known as “Area Boys”), mental illness, sexually transmitted diseases, rape, armed robbery and cultism in different parts of Nigeria.

Many substance users have moved from certain known drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana, narcotics to mind altering substances for escapism. Also, the use of substance like codeine, skunk, tramadol, rohypnol have become rampant, the risk associated with the practice are deadly and poise great danger to the country; considering the percentage of youth that are involve in this practice. The goal of YAADA is create awareness through education and creativity to stop the menace of Drug Abuse. YAADA’s campaign will be undertaken by Vison of the Child and Creative Youth Initiative against corruption.